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15 February 2012 @ 08:50 am

There has been a sudden uptick in interest in the community and this seems like a good time to clarify how to join the comm.

Membership is subject to moderator approval, and there is a very low a bar to entry. When requesting membership, please note that we do check your user profile and you have to be a member of LJ or DW. All that is required is that you should have some interest in White Collar and/or Matt Bomer and/or Tim DeKay and you should be over 18. If we don't see any such indication, we will PM you and ask that you confirm your interest and age. Likewise, if your journal is empty. Your membership will be put on hold until we hear back from you.

Please note: For this reason, membership via Facebook and Twitter accounts will be automatically rejected.
15 August 2010 @ 10:28 pm
I already announced this to the members of the community but then I realized some of you are only watching the community so this is a quick note to all of you out there who are lurking or watching the community. By majority decision following the poll I posted last week this community is now locked. All future posts will be locked and only visible to members of the community. So if you're only watching the community you'll need to join to be sure you can see all posts made in the future.
16 March 2010 @ 01:31 am
Welcome to wc_rps! Take a second to read the rules and feel free to start posting.


01. New rules as of August 2010:

In spite of the name wc_rps White Collar Real Person Slash... from now on any real person fiction involving at least one actor/actress from the show is postable in this community. 
  • That's het: Tiffani/Tim, Matt/Marsha, etc.
  • Other slash pairings beside Matt/Tim: Matt/Willie, Tim/Sharif, etc.
  • Femslash: Tiffani/Marsha, Diahann/Tiffani, etc.
  • Three or moresomes: Tiffani/Tim/Matt, Tiffani/Tim/Willie/Matt/Marsha, etc.
  • Fiction involving another actor/actress: Zachary Quinto/Matt Bomer, Tiffani Thiessen/Angelina Jolie, etc.
  • Fiction involving an actors actual spouse/significant other: Matt/Simon, Tiffani/Brady, etc.
  • I'm sure I'm missing something but like I said as long as it includes at least one actor/actress from the show it should be OK, but feel free to ask if you have any questions.
02. This community is now locked! All posts not made by a moderator should be made members only.
03. No White Collar fanfiction. Just fiction involving the actors on the show. However if you have a fic where say Tim DeKay's
twin brother Peter Burke is a character or something like that where White Collar crosses over into your RPF story that's totally fine.
04. While the main point of this community is to share fanfiction, we also accept fanmixes, icons, fanart, videos, discussions, interviews, pics etc. involving cast pairings.
05. Please give all fanfiction a rating and label any warnings or triggers!

06. LJ cuts are your friend, use them! Go here for information on how to use a LJ cut.

 Feel free to comment here if you have questions, comments, concerns, affiliate requests, etc.